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Be a Qualified Vehicle for the Expressions of 'Aum"

Primordial passions manifest in different forms in the planes of body, mind and intellect. These fires of passion are to be propitiated and appeased by appropriate actions if one wants to experience peace. When peace is attained through such actions the mind becomes tranquil. It now becomes capable of establishing contact with ‘aum’, the supreme principle, which is the essence of the manifested universe.

Rutam pibantou sukrutasyaloke
Guham pravishthou parame pararthe
Chchayatapou brahmavidovadanti
Panchagnayo ye cha trinachiketah

A person who has realized Brahman perceives the transcendental principle that connects one to the world transcending this world. He has identified with the subtle space within himself that transcends the manifested universe. Remaining in this position he acts both as a source of inspiration as well as an umbrella that provides protection from the turbulence caused by the free play of the primordial forces.

The tranquility of brahminhood is to be attained by lighting up the five fires within oneself through the performance of the three Nachiketa sacrifices. The five fires are related to the five forms of life forces. The first fire is the propensity for maintaining and developing one’s home. The second fire is the passion to contribute to the universe. The third fire is the passion for propagating liveliness all around. The fourth fire is the passion for moving upwards in the ladder of evolution. The fifth fire is the passion for experiencing the tranquility that result from the perfect harmony of all transactions.

Yah setureejananam
Aksharam brahma yatparam
Abhayam titeershatam param
Nachiketam shakemahi

The principle signified by the word ‘aum’ transcends everything and is immutable. It is the bridge that connects this world to the world that transcends this world. It is the shore beyond the ocean of transactions, sighting which a sailor in this ocean heaves a sigh of relief. The realization of this principle is the goal that is achieved through the performance of Nachiketa sacrifice. This principle is the legitimate source for one’s empowerment.

Atmanam rathinam vidhi
Shareeram rathameva tu
Budhim tu sarathim vidhi
Manah pragrahamevacha

A model for the working of the principle through the intellect, mind and body is described here. Know the spirit within as the sole passenger sitting in a chariot. The chariot is the body associated with that spirit. The intellect sits in the driving seat and controls the horses harnessed to the chariot. Mind is the reins by which the charioteer gets hold of the horses, to make them perform in accordance with its will.

Indriyani hayanyahur
Vishayansteshu gocharan
Atmendriya manoyuktam
Bhoktetyahur maneeshinah

The sense organs are the horses. The objects in this universe keep pulling the sense organs towards them. The intelligent persons understand that the inner spirit is the true consummator of all objects. The spirit acts through the mind to reach the objects through the sense organs.

Yastuavijnanavan bhavatyuktena manasa sada
Tasyendriyanyavashyani dushtashva iva saratheh

When one ignores this model it disturbs the union of mind and inner spirit. Then the sense organs work without respecting any control. They run in all directions dissipating energy like a group of foul horses in the hands of an incompetent charioteer. The charioteer has no control over the horses and eventually they topple the chariot. No meaningful progress is possible in such a scenario.

Yastu vijnanavan bhavati yuktena manasa sada
Tasyendriyani vashyani sadashva iva sarathe

For one who acknowledges this model the mind is united with the inner spirit. His sense organs remain perfectly under control like good horses in the hands of a competent charioteer.

Yastuavijnanavan bhavatyanyamanaskah sada/shuchih
Na sa tatpadamapnoti samsaram chadhigachchati

By ignoring this model the mind gets scattered and turbulent. It becomes incapable of conceiving higher realities. He is trapped in the ocean of worldly transactions. He can not attain that state where one is free from the cycles of birth and death.

Yastu vijnanavan bhavati samanaska sada shuchh
Sa tu tatpadamapnoti yasmat bhooyo na jayate

When this model is acknowledged his mind remains organized and clear. He acquires the power to reach that state where one is free from the cycle of birth and death.

Vijnana sarathir yastu manahpragrahavannarah
So/dhvanahparamapnoti tadvishnoh paramam padam

One who keeps wisdom as the charioteer and use the mind to rein the sense organs attains the strength to traverse the course of a meaningful life. He reaches the state of Vishnu, which transcends all states, the fills the universe with his perennial presence.

Indriyebhyah paranyartha arthebhyashcha param manah
Manasastu para budhir budheratma mahan parah

The resources in various planes transcend sense organs as the sense organs are implicit in the resources and cannot exist without them. Mind transcends the resources as the resources are implicit in the mind and cannot exist without it. Intellect transcends the mind as mind is implicit in intellect and cannot exist without it. The spirit of one’s self transcends the intellect as intellect is implicit in the spirit and cannot exist without it. The spirit is the all pervading entity in a being.

Mahatah paramavyaktam avyaktat purushahparah
Purushannaparam kinchit sa kashtha sa paragatih

That which is beyond the domain of cognition transcends the spirit of oneself. That can be grasped only when one sheds one’s identity. The driving forces of virility transcend that subtle presence. There is nothing beyond the potentials of virility. That is the horizon of the manifested universe. That sets the direction that transcends all directions.

Esha sarveshu bhooteshu goodho/tmanaprakashate
Drushyate tvagraya budhya sookshmaya sookshmadarshibhih

The underlying principle of virility that expresses itself through all beings can be conceived only by a finely tuned intellect capable of grasping the subtlest of the subtle principles.

Yachchedvang manasi prajnastadyachchejnanamatmani
Jnanamatmanee mahatee niyachchettadyachchechchanta atmani

Generally the knowledge possessed by a human being is context-specific. Such empirical knowledge has a limiting quality. If one gets carried away by such specific knowledge one remains within the bounds of limitations. So refrain from making utterances based on such knowledge. Apply the power of mind to control the words. Let that mind be administered by the innate wisdom that transcends all specific knowledge. And let that innate wisdom be administered by the spirit of one’s self.

Uttishthata jagrata prapyavarannibodhata
Kshurasyadhara nishita duratyaya durgam pathastat kavayo vadanti

To get connected with the other world that transcends this world it is necessary to get over the limitations associated with empirical knowledge. The path that connects this world to the other world is as narrow as the sharp edge of a barber’s knife. Only persons with comprehensive understanding can discern this path. The flashes of insights that cut across the jungle of empirical knowledge, that empowers one to traverse the narrow path that connects this world to the world beyond, is a rare phenomenon. They visit only alert minds. So, ‘wake up and remain alert to capture the noble insights’ to build the innate wisdom.

Tatha/rasam nityamagandhavachayat
Anadyanantam mahatahparam dhruvam
Vicharyatam mrutyumukhat pramuchyate

The spirit of one’s self from where the flashes of insights emanate transcends the domain of cognition. It cannot be heard. It cannot be touched. It cannot be seen. It does not undergo any modifications through which it can be perceived. Being without beginning or end it is ever fresh. It is imminent and transcends all expansive movements. It remains constant and unaffected by events. By identifying with the principle of the inner spirit one gets freed from the clutches of death.

Nachiketamupakhyanam mrutyuproktam sanatanam
Uktva shrutva cha medhavee brahmaloke maheeyate

Only the fire of pure passion can extract this innate wisdom from the face of death. The principles revealed by death to Nachiketas transcend the limitations of space and time. They are applicable in this world as well as the world beyond this world. Intelligent persons fashion their comprehensions and utterances around these principles. Their works acquire lasting merit and they stand out in the domain of creativity.

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